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Spencer Preservation Group acts as a passionate and vocal advocate for the buildings we touch, and integrate aesthetic considerations with the cultural, historic, and functional factors that enrich and inform our projects. With our guidance, clients create vibrant settings that link past and present – and endure for generations.

We believe that while spatial and physical relationships are essential dimensions of architecture, human relationships are even more fundamental. Every project we undertake is a shared journey with our clients: For that reason, we work to establish common ground between our firm and those with whom we work. These productive relationships are founded on lively, far-ranging conversations that demonstrate our value and expertise from the earliest stages of a project.

Our team is distinguished by diverse individual backgrounds. We take pride in our associates’ eclectic interests and breadth of skills, which strengthen our practice. Each team member plays an essential role in the firm and contributes to a varied portfolio of client projects. Despite our specialized skills, we are truly one practice – united by a common passion for beautiful, useful spaces that have rich stories to tell.

The Group

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