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ventfort hall  Lenox, MA

Designed by the prominent Boston firm of Rotch & Tilden in 1893, Ventfort Hall exemplifies the Jacobean Revival style that enjoyed a surge of popularity among the wealthy owners of Gilded Age country houses. The cultural history of this storied summer residence – from its construction by the wealthy Morgan family, through periods of reuse and then vacancy, to impending demolition, and ultimately to its revitalization as a Gilded Age mansion and museum – is a compelling story. 

Since acquiring Ventfort Hall in 1997, the building stewards have addressed failed infrastructure, deteriorated interior finishes, and severe decay of the brick and brownstone envelope due to decades of neglect coupled with poor original construction techniques. In 2015 they enlisted our firm to conduct a comprehensive assessment of physical conditions at the mansion and grounds and prepare a master plan to guide continuing preservation efforts. With input from a team of expert subconsultants, our report provided prioritized recommendations and estimates for preservation and repair as well as handicapped access, life safety and code compliance.

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