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Tuck's Point Rotunda  Manchester by the sea, MA

The charming Victorian pavilion at Tuck’s Point Harbor was designed by Boston architect E.A.P. Newcomb, a prolific country house designer at the turn of the century. A wood frame structure connected to shore with a wood walkway on wood piles, it has been subject to the vicissitudes of wind and saltwater for more than a century.
Our firm was engaged in 2009 to perform a conditions assessment of the structure, explore its history and provide recommendations for repair and maintenance. Original plans surfaced unexpectedly in a vault at Town Hall and proved invaluable in guiding the preservation of the rotunda and walkway, including the replication of the missing flagpole. The comprehensive restoration included reconstruction of non-structural elements of the dock, replacement of the mahoghany deck, preservation of woodwork at the rotunda, replacement of the asphalt shingle dome cladding with flat seam copper, replication of the original flagpole base, and creation of a new cantilevered deck for small boat docking.

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