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Tilden House Canton, MA

Built in 1725 and showcasing SSV’s experience working with early structures, the Tilden House has been the subject of an ongoing preservation effort for over 45 years. In 2017, the Canton Historical Society entered into a long-term lease on the property, with plans to rehabilitate it for educational and archival purposes. 

Our firms involvement with the Canton Historical Society began in 2018, when our firm prepared a historic structures report of the aging Tilden House. Treatment recommendations followed, and phased construction began the following year. The first phase of rehabilitation – funded in part by generous grants from the Massachusetts Historical Commission and Town of Canton Community Preservation Committee – was focused on stabilizing the house, which involved selective repointing at the foundation and chimney, replacement and sistering of structural timbers, replacement of sheathing, and installation of new cedar shingles and clapboards. The ongoing second phase involves preservation of historic interior finishes, installation of lighting, plumbing, and electricity at the site, integration of handicapped accessibility solutions, and installation of interpretive signage about the house’s history and original inhabitants. 

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