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Thayer Memorial library  lancaster, MA

Thayer Memorial Library is one of a handful of historic structures clustered around 
Lancaster’s town green. The library, situated between the celebrated First Church 
of Christ and the Prescott Town Offices, dates to 1868. Fashionably designed in 
the then-pervasive Classical Revival style, the building is primarily constructed with 
redbrick and has a brownstone temple front pinned to the façade. To either side are 
two transept wings, one added during the 1920s and the other added more recently, 
around 2000. Our firm was engaged to perform a conditions assessment for the building in Fall 2019. 
The first phase, historic wood window restoration, is slated to begin next 
year. Meanwhile, the ongoing restoration of a single wood window is intended to 
generate support and provide a detailed estimate as to the overall cost of the first 
phase. Our firm will later assist the library in applying for grant funds from MPPF and 
the Town of Lancaster’s Community Preservation Committee in support of future 
phases, which are to include slate roof replacement and selective repointing.

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