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Ruggles Baptist Church  Boston, MA

Ruggles Baptist Church is prominently sited on Audubon Circle at the heart of a Frederick Law Olmsted-designed late Victorian residential neighborhood. It was designed in 1912 by noted architect Ralph Adams Cram, best known for his high Gothic Revival churches. Cram designed this brick and limestone edifice in the Colonial Revival vocabulary, a style not usually associated with his work, for the Unitarian congregation of the Second Church of Boston.


For over a decade, Ruggles Baptist Church has enlisted our firm to perform a comprehensive conditions assessment, conceptual designs for renovation, a successful National Register Nomination, and both interior renovation and exterior restoration work. In 2011, the firm led restoration of exterior slate roofing, flashing, and dormer woodwork.  In 2014, we carried out a renovation of the building’s lower level offices and classrooms.  And in 2018 the firm prepared a study which analyzed and assessed accessibility improvement needed to promote universal access.

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