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Middleborough Town Hall  Middleborough, MA

The 1873 town hall in Middleborough is an imposing Classical Revival structure designed by local architect Solomon Eaton. The dramatically elongated cupola with it octagonal, cone-shaped dome is topped by a miniature version of itself. 

The 13-foot upper cupola, which began to tilt early in 2011, was determined to be unstable and a threat to public safety. With the assistance of an emergency grant from the Massachusetts Preservation Projects Fund, the town engaged our firm to remove, restore and reinstall the upper cupola. The wood structure was reinforced throughout and its deteriorated features repaired or replicated. 

Once the upper cupola was removed it became clear that the framing at both the lower cupola dome and the pavilion roof was insufficient to carry the load. We worked closely with Structures North consulting engineers to develop a system of reinforcement that would supplement the existing structure without requiring extensive reconstruction. Computer modeling guided the construction crew in executing the repairs and the cupola was returned to its rightful place in February 2012.

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