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Loring Parsonage  Sudbury, MA

The Loring Parsonage was built ca. 1730 by the Rev. Mr. Israel Loring, Sudbury’s first minister. Framing evidence suggests that the first structure on the property was an early two-room house that was later encapsulated by a larger structure. The Town of Sudbury acquired the property in 1930s and uses it today for town offices.

As a historic house, the Loring Parsonage faced the dual challenges of maintenance and finding a new relevance in contemporary times. The firm was engaged by the Sudbury Historical Society in 2014 to provide recommendations for the rehabilitation of the historic building for use by the Society as a headquarters and museum. While working to restore the structure, The firm also introduced program elements to differentiate it from being “just another historic house.” Major modifications included the addition of a new wing, designed to evoke the historic carriage shed but with the entrance bay glass covered, encouraging visitors to see exhibits and activities within. Increasing space for programming and administration, this addition now enlivens the public’s interaction with the house and the organizations run from it. 

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