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First Church of Lancaster  Lancaster, MA

Designed by renowned American architect Charles Bulfinch in 1816, the First Church of Christ Unitarian in Lancaster is Federal Period building and a National Historic Landmark.

In 2004, the firm performed a comprehensive evaluation and documentation of existing conditions at the church. This study enabled the congregation to receive matching grants from the Massachusetts Historical Commission and the Getty Foundation Conservation Fund for restoration work and further study of the building’s historic fabric. The Getty grant funded an historic structure report as well as an expert forum and white paper on the introduction of HVAC systems into historic structures. 

The firm has directed work for several phases of restoration at the church. The most recent work focused on the meticulously crafted cupola and comprised the reconstruction of the massive bell’s heavy timber cradle, extensive structural and architectural woodwork restoration, and roof repairs. Finishing touches included restoration of the weathervane and the historic town clock faces.

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