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Hull Life Saving Museum  Hull, MA

The Point Allerton U.S. Lifesaving Station was constructed in 1899 to provide coastal lifesaving services in Boston Harbor. The station is best known for its keeper, Captain Joshua James, who is credited with saving more than 600 lives in his 60 year career as a lifesaver. The original building is an Albert B. Bibb #2 Type U.S. Lifesaving Station, the first new station design of architect Alfred Buruley Bibb, who designed four station plans and two one-of-a-kind stations in his career with the Lifesaving Service.

Today the station is part of the Hull Lifesaving Museum, established in 1978 to preserve the historic station and to provide outreach, education, exhibits and instruction in lifesaving history and rowing. Our firm performed a conditions assessment of the station and directed an exterior restoration project that included wood and window repairs, application of an historic paint scheme, restoration of the boat room doors, preservation of the cupola, stabilization of the foundation, and new back decks for outdoor museum activities. The work was funded in part by a grant from the Massachusetts Preservation Projects Fund.

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