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Highland Building  Carlisle, MA

In 2009 the Town of Carlisle elected to save and rehabilitate the threatened Highland School Building, restoring its physical integrity and returning it to useful service to the community. A local landmark and state-of-the-art facility when constructed in 1908, the building was designed using the Colonial Revival vocabulary popular for scholastic buildings of its time.
As a first step in the building’s rehabilitation, the Town engaged our firm to undertake a comprehensive interior and exterior conditions survey. This survey included the preparation of building plans and elevations, an exterior envelope investigation, a building code assessment, and conceptual designs for restoration to include universal access.
Stabilization of the Highland Building’s exterior envelope was completed, paving the way for the ultimate reuse of this distinguished building that has served the Carlisle community for over a century. Conceptual design studies for the interior renovation are complete and the project awaits funding.
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