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hamilton hall  Salem, MA

One of Salem’s architectural gems, Hamilton Hall is located at the head of Chestnut Street, accompanied by an array of distinguished homes. The building, built in the early 1800s to the designs of renowned Federal-style architect Samuel McIntire, is part of the McIntire Historic District. While celebrated for its age and stature, this 215 year-old building is not suited for modern use, which is problematic for a structure regularly used for weddings and other assembly events. 

In 2018, our firm was engaged to prepare an MPPF-funded feasibility study for Hamilton Hall, with emphasis on maximizing its potential for generating income. Collaborating closely with the building committee, we first prepared a comprehensive program of needs, and later developed several conceptual designs for (1) increasing storage space within the building and (2) integrating universal access to the second floor. As part of the study, we also conducted a conditions assessment and developed prioritized recommendations for the treatment of deficiencies, as well as working with consultants on structural, mechanical, and historical materials assessments. The final step involved developing detailed cost estimates for a phased approach for renovations and building improvements.  The report is slated to inform forthcoming improvements to the building.

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