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Fall River Waterworks  Fall River, MA

The construction of the Water Works in 1872-75 was a major contributor to Fall River’s rapid growth and development after the Civil War. Located on the western shore of the North Watuppa Pond, the striking Ruskinian Gothic pumping station and standpipe are unique architectural and engineering landmarks that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Vacant for 30 years, the buildings suffered from age, the elements and neglect. In 2010 the city received grant funding from the Massachusetts Preservation Projects Fund to perform a conditions assessment and feasibility study as first steps in returning the buildings to useful service for the community. Our firm was engaged to assess the structures, frame their architectural and historic significance, provide stabilization recommendations, and propose feasible scenarios for reuse. 

Two phases of stabilization and exterior preservation have since been completed at the pumping station and standpipe, comprising roofs, cornices, windows, and extensive masonry repairs. 

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