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Fairhaven High School  Fairhaven, MA

Fairhaven High School, designed in 1904 by Charles Brigham, is a marvelous and eclectic building with a wealth of ornate stone and metal details and several fine examples of Guastavino tile vaulting. A local landmark, the school was functionally obsolete and threatened with abandonment in the mid 1990s. Its rehabilitation has since become a success story and a symbol of the town’s commitment to its heritage. 

In 2009 our firm performed a comprehensive conditions assessment employing a team of building fabric experts to assess diverse materials including granite, limestone, brick, slate, tile, copper and stained glass. The survey compiled documentation for costing analysis and provided direction for restoration. 

The study has guided preservation efforts at the school over the past ten years. Partially funded by grants from the Massachusetts Preservation Projects Fund, the work has included masonry, gutters, Guastavino tile vaults, stained and leaded glass windows, and phased restoration of all double and single-hung window sashes. The window program included new thermal glazing and restoration or replacement of all associated window hardware.
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