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Eliot CHurch Roxbury, MA

Eliot Church is a High Victorian Gothic edifice with a commanding neighbor-hood presence in Roxbury. Additions in 1889 and 1907 expanded the original 1873 building of Roxbury pudding stone and sandstone to a complex that nearly fills its large site. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the church boasts stained glass windows by the Tiffany and Connick studios.

Our firm’s long relationship with the church began in 2005 with the preparation of a conditions assessment funded in part by a grant from Historic Boston, Inc. (HBI). The following year HBI and the Henderson Foundation contributed sufficient funds to address the urgent failure of membrane roofing at the education building. In subsequent years our firm has participated in phased restoration including repairs to the roof and water management system, masonry, wood dormers, and monumental wood doors.

We have also assisted the church with grant applications and the exploration of adaptive reuse alternatives for underutilized components of the building complex.

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