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Longwood Towers  Brookline, MA

Originally called Alden Park Manor, Longwood Towers was opened in 1925 as a luxury “apartment hotel.” Designed in the Tudor Revival style, the three-building complex arranged around a garden features battlements, carved balconies, gargoyles and crenellations. Architectural historian Douglas Shand-Tucci states that apartment house development in Boston “reached its climax” with the Manor, which was luxurious both inside and out and counted Babe Ruth among its tenants.

Our firm was engaged in 2014 to perform a comprehensive envelope assessment, focusing efforts on the cause and remediation of persistent water infiltration around the windows. The investigative studies, which included water testing, concluded that early 20th century “value engineered” wall construction employing terra cotta blocks was the basis of the problem. Our successful approach to remediation included 100% repointing, ceiling insulation at the windows, and various envelope improvements. Other projects underway at Longwood Towers include restoration of the concrete balconies and enhancements at the garage to lend it a more attractive appearance for visitors arriving via public transportation.

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