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Abigail Adams House  Weymouth, MA

For 60 years the Abigail Adams Historical Society has preserved the birthplace and legacy of one of the nation’s most influential women. The Society’s first act, in 1947, was to move the threatened structure from its second location to a third and final resting place near its original site. The current structure is a restoration of a portion of the house of Reverend William Smith, Abigail’s father, built in 1685. Abigail grew up in the house and was married to John Adams there in October 1764.

With the help of Community Preservation Act funds, the Society enlisted our firm to provide the first overall conservation assessment of the buildings and grounds comprising the site. The study surveyed the condition of the building, its landscape and infrastructure, and developed a program of recommended repairs. In 2009, to assist the Society in planning a sustainable future, we organized a workshop of museum and cultural heritage professionals to explore the organization’s identity and develop strategies to strengthen its roots and extend its reach. In 2012 our firm directed structural repairs and exterior preservation at the birthplace, including restoring the exterior to a period-appropriate paint scheme.
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