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Abbotsford  roxbury, MA

Built in 1872, Abbotsford was the home of prominent Boston industrialist Aaron Davis Williams, Jr. One of the last remaining grand houses from the era when estates lined Roxbury’s Walnut Avenue, Abbotsford is a Gothic villa with a projecting central tower and porches projecting from its lower levels. The building now houses the Museum of the National Center of Afro-American Artists (NCAAA), and it is in daily use for art and cultural exhibitions and cultural programs. The museum has strong and vibrant roots in the community and is a greatly beloved institution.


The firm first became involved with Abbotsford in 2012, preparing a conditions assessment and preservation master plan for NCAAA’s Board of Directors. Having developed a prioritized plan to rehabilitate the building, we set to work assisting NCAAA raise funds for the necessary work in recent years. In 2020, the firm lead masonry restoration of a dilapidated brick and sandstone chimney, alongside repointing of puddingstone walls.  After securing funding in 2021, the firm leads a comprehensive slate roof restoration project including repairs, flashing replacement, and improvements to rainwater management.  We have successfully assisted the organization in securing grants from Massachusetts Historical Commission, City of Boston Community Preservation, and the Henderson Foundation.

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